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Men's Club Lifeline Medical Alert Program
Peace of mind through technology!

Lifeline is a medical alert system that helps allow someone to live alone but have ready access to first responders that can help them.  It is the largest and most involved of our club's community services and we have been doing this for more than 20 years.  Because we are a not for profit organization and because we have a large number of volunteers, we are able to provide this service at a significantly reduced fee which benefits our community.


We are teamed with the leading company in this field, the Philips Corporation Lifeline Division.  Through them we have the most advanced and reliable equipment and most importantly, the highest trained response center in the country.  Our subscribers wear a button that when activated, puts them in contact with the center that will stay on the line until the response person or team is there.


All installations and repairs are done by Men’s Club volunteers with no charge to the subscriber. Approximately 40 men are trained for and involved in this activity. We maintain an office staffed 9 to 5 week days for coordination of equipment maintenance, new subscriber arrangement, inventory maintenance, record keeping, financial management and any other equipment or system needs. When you contact our office you will be talking with either Nellie or Sue, seen in the adjacent picture. We use an answering service on the weekends and keep volunteers available to insure that the systems are kept in working order.


In addition the many man hours, our Club has invested nearly a half of a million dollars in securing this communication equipment. We currently have over 800 subscribers here in the Sun City Center and Kings Point area. This year we will have had over 500 instances of calls for help. Nearly half of those result in transport to the hospital. With its financial backing and volunteer work, the Club has been very instrumental in helping to save lives and bring “peace of mind” to several thousand of our citizens.


Contact us at 813-633-7091 or email  mclifeline@live.com. Mail may be sent to our office at1002, Cherry Hills Drive, Sun City Center, FL 33571.

Men's Club Lifeline Office Staff Nellie Brock and Carolyn Gregory are available daily to answer your questions and arrange to start your Lifeline Service
Peace of mind through technology!