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Welcome to the Menís Club of Sun City Center website. Here you will find information about the Men's Club, its history, its activities and projects, its meetings and outings.We invite the men of the Sun City Center area to join with us for fellowship. Our meetings are on the third Wednesday of each month in Community Hall.
The purpose of the Men's Club shall be to provide and promote charitable community service, cultural, social and civic interest, and to cooperate with other clubs and organizations in the best interest of Sun City Center. The Men's Club is qualified under Section 501(3)(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and is incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida.
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Do you know of  Men's Club member or member-spouse who is ailing, or perhaps who is grieving the loss of a loved one?   We'd like to know about it.
Please email information about the member or member-spouse to President Joe DeFeclice or call the Men's Club Office at 633-7091.
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We have a very distinguished speaker joining us on November 21 to speak on a very timely and controversial topic. Our speaker is Dr. Angela Hill. Dr. Hill will be educating us on the pros and cons of medicines derived from the marijuana plant, medicines now legally available in the State of Florida.

Dr. Hill is a tenured Professor and Chair of the department of Pharmacotherapeutics and Clinical Research and Associate Dean of Clinical Practice at the† USF College of Pharmacy. Dr. Hill received her† Doctor of pharmacy degree† from Florida A&M University, completed a postgraduate residency in Neurology from the NeuroScience Research Foundation of Florida, and is a licensed consultant pharmacist
Medical Marijuana Is November Topic
The Menís Club has installed a new phone line for making reservations for our monthly luncheons. The new phone line is to be used instead of calling the Menís Club Office, as has been the case for the last couple of years. The new phone number is (813) 938-3545. However, the preferred method of making reservations is still by emailing Also, the deadline for making reservations has been extended. New reservations and changes to existing reservations can be made up until noon on the Sunday immediately preceding the day of the meeting.
New Lunch Reservation Phone Line, Deadline
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The Men's Chorus will be entertaining at our annual holiday luncheon on December 19. Click on the registration form above for details.
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The Menís Club Board over the past 8 to 10 months has received input from the membership on the role of prayer in our monthly meetings. The Board recognized that we have among our membership Catholics, various Christen sects Ė denominational and non-denominational, as well as other religious affiliations. We also have members who are non-believers.

To encompass all, The Board decided to make the luncheon blessing non-secular. The Board decided that we would ask members to give thanks, and reflection, and provide a moment of silence for the members to have their own private prayer.

Our Club is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity chartered under Florida Statue 617. We are neither political nor religious. Thus, we felt this was the best approach to reflect the views of ALL members. Be assured the Menís Club is not removing God from the club; rather we are allowing each member to pray and reflect in his own way. We hope everyone can understand and support the Boardís position.
Reflecting on Observing a Moment of Silence
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