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Welcome to the Menís Club of Sun City Center website. Here you will find information about the Men's Club, its history, its activities and projects, its meetings and outings.We invite the men of the Sun City Center area to join with us for fellowship. Our meetings are on the third Wednesday of each month in Community Hall.
The purpose of the Men's Club shall be to provide and promote charitable community service, cultural, social and civic interest, and to cooperate with other clubs and organizations in the best interest of Sun City Center. The Men's Club is qualified under Section 501(3)(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and is incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida.
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Do you know of  Men's Club member or member-spouse who is ailing, or perhaps who is grieving the loss of a loved one?   We'd like to know about it.
Please email information about the member or member-spouse to President Joe DeFeclice or call the Men's Club Office at 633-7091.
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Knock Our Parkinson's With Rock Steady Boxing
Click here to open an email form to make your reservation.
All members of the Menís Club can be fit into one of three distinct categories:
The have been diagnosed with Parkinsonís Disease;
They know someone who has been diagnosed with Parkinsonís Disease, or
They are potential candidates to succumb to Parkinsonís Disease.
Our speaker for July will describe for us an innovative strategy for slowing the progression of this disabling and often deadly disease, Rock Steady Boxing..
Our speaker is Eric Allen. His dynamic and interactive talk will provide an in depth look at what Rock Steady Boxing entails.† It will share intimate stories about some of our boxers who have benefited from the program along with the direction for the program moving†forward.† The goal of the talk is to have people walk away from this talk with a greater understanding of Parkinson's, how Rock Steady Boxing changes lives, and empathy for the caregivers (cornermen).
Coming in December: Beautiful, the Carole King Story
The Menís Clubís Chartered Bus will take us to the Van Wezel on Saturday, December 14, for a matinee performance of this spectacular Broadway musical based upon the life and music of Carol King.

The cost for show ticket and transportation is $95.00 per person.
Our previous trips to the Van Wezel have been very popular and this trip will be no exception. You can reserve your ticket starting at the July 17 club meeting.

Bring your check (made payable to The Menís Club) to the meeting and look up Vice President Jim Rottman to get on board.